Our Story

Danndy Store is a health & wellness brand that follows important core values ​​cultivated way back to our own roots, way back home, to our family. We are raised to put our family first. We see the consumers of our products as our own family, not just as a single customer.
When life gets hard, people need support. Someone going through rough times will turn to their family they trust to provide encouragement, love and help. Feeling accepted and understood during a personal crisis is a basic need for people. Families – whether traditional or chosen – provides that.
Our products are crafted and designed following those principles. Our goal is that our products will be apart of your everyday life, to be there for you through good and bad days. We work incessantly in pursuit of consumption perfection. We create in service of the people who don’t settle for "good enough," because good enough isn’t greatness. If your experience isn’t perfection, contact us and we’ll be standing by to make sure that it is.