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Physiotherapy Heating Blanket

Physiotherapy Heating Blanket

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  • Product function: 9-step temperature-adjustable hot compress physiotherapy heating pad, double-layer temperature sensing, soft and thin, can be timed and machine washable far-infrared physiotherapy, plush heating blanket can be timed for 1-12 hours, one-button start.
  • Rapid heating and whole body relief: The therapeutic heating pad provides targeted heat therapy to help temporarily relieve muscle soreness and help relieve muscle tension in the back, shoulders, abdomen, legs and other large muscle groups.
  • Skin-friendly fabric: The heating blanket is made of soft and delicate plush blanket fabric, which is comfortable to the hand, waterproof and flame retardant, breathable, soft and comfortable, providing maximum comfort for daily use.
  • Many major thermal protections: overheat protection, overvoltage protection, flame retardant protection, power failure protection. The mild, machine-washable fabric feels soft and comfortable on bare skin. The upgraded double helix heating has a built-in temperature self-checking line, which is waterproof and flame retardant to deny safety hazards.
  • Detachable: The power cord is free and detachable, the heating blanket is cleaned separately, easy to use and maintain, quickly warm the skin, each part of the body, a variety of colors are available, giving you the most perfect shopping experience.

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