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Six-head Neck & Spine Massager

Six-head Neck & Spine Massager

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  • Six-head cervical spine massager portable nursing neck physiotherapy device multifunctional hot compress household.
  • *Tens pulse technology, deep care magnetic physiotherapy; low frequency pulse electromagnetic conduction in the skin, through the activation of human muscle cells, prevent muscle stiffness caused by pain and other conditions, but also on the deformed bone to stimulate bone cells reset.
  • *2D floating massage head, deep fit neck, apply uniform massage; streamline around design, automatically adapt to neck curve, weaken pressure, close to neck, do not slip.
  • *The inner wall pad is skin friendly, comfortable and antiskid; the elastic arm has good rebound and strong toughness; the electrode piece automatically adapts to the neck curve.
  • *Fast charging, long endurance; safe use, save power, will automatically shut down when not in use.


Power supply mode: USB
Control method: mechanical
Applicable parts: neck
Massage techniques: patting, massage, acupressure, kneading
Massage contacts: 3
Color: white, pink, blue, red

Package Content:

Cervical Massager*1

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